Why A DNA Test Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Why A DNA Test Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Does anyone need a last-minute Christmas gift for a loved one? Why not order your loved one a CircleDNA test, print out the order confirmation, and explain why it’s one of the best gifts of health they could ask for?

A comprehensive DNA test such as the CircleDNA premium kit is the gift that keeps on giving because it gives over 500 reports in over 20 categories to help people level up their health. With a CircleDNA test as a Christmas gift, you could be giving your loved one the gift of better sleep, an improved nutrition plan, and even help them level up their fitness routine. This is because based on their DNA, they’ll find out their genetic strengths and weaknesses, their nutritional deficiencies, and more.

You can let your loved ones know that you chose a CircleDNA kit as their gift because you wish them a lifetime of good health. Below are a few examples of why this at-home DNA testing kit is such a valuable gift that keeps on giving:

The Gift of Better Nutrition

CircleDNA includes diet and nutrition reports based on one’s genetics, which provides them with a wealth of information needed to eat the best diet for them. For example, CircleDNA can indicate possible nutritional deficiencies, a genetically higher or lower appetite control, and their genetic likelihood of having a sweet tooth or sugar addiction.

The DNA results also reveal which type of diet is best for them, based on their DNA. Is it a high fat, low-carb diet? A Mediterranean diet? Pescatarian? They’ll find out with this handy DNA testing kit.


Level Up Their Fitness Game

The CircleDNA reports include fitness reports that reveal one’s genetic strengths and weaknesses. They’ll find out if they’re genetically more likely to have higher or lower endurance, muscular strength, and power. This will help them tailor their fitness routine to take their physical fitness to the next level.

The DNA test results also indicate their most suitable sports. It lets them know which sports they’re more likely to be better at, based on their DNA.


Help Them Develop Healthier Behaviors

The gift of better behavioural control is part of the gift of CircleDNA. The reports reveal whether or not someone is likely to be a ‘super taster’, which is a genetic trait. Being a super taster means you are genetically more likely to have a higher taste sensitivity. This means that bitter foods taste more bitter, spicy foods taste spicier, and sweet foods taste sweeter.

Being a super taster can impact your ability to practice self-control when it comes to eating, portions, sweets, treats and late-night snacking. If someone learns they are a super taster through CircleDNA, it could help them see the light and realize they need help controlling their appetite. CircleDNA also reveals whether you’re genetically likely to have higher or lower appetite control, and whether or not it’s in your DNA to have a sweet tooth. All of this is helpful information to regain control of your eating behaviours and your health.


The Gift of Better Sleep

Sometimes, to improve your sleep habits, you first have to understand your sleep patterns. When you understand your sleep tendencies, you have an advantage in learning how to fix your sleep schedule.

CircleDNA helps people figure out their genetic sleep tendencies. For example, they can be genetically more likely to have short sleeper syndrome, where they have difficulty staying asleep for a full 8 hours.

They’ll also find out if it’s in their DNA to be a night owl or a morning lark, how easily they fall asleep, and more.


The Gift of Good Health

This holiday season, forget about spoiling your loved ones with extravagant materialist excess and instead give them the best gift: the gift of better health. Help them take care of their physical and mental well-being with CircleDNA. Not only can CircleDNA help a person build the most fitting and customized diet, nutrition and exercise plans, it will also help them get to know themselves better. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.