How Good is CircleDNA? She Achieved a 25kg Weight Loss with CircleDNA Premium!

How good is CircleDNA? Anna Wong, or better known as Anna the Nutritionist, has tried all the ways to lose weight and only failed with rebounded weight gains. Not until she met CircleDNA Preimium that she could finally cut off 25 kg of fat.

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How good is CircleDNA? Name every diet on the planet, Anna Wong, or better known as Anna the Nutritionist, has tried all the ways to lose weight and only failed with rebounded weight gains. Not until she met CircleDNA Preimium that she could finally cut off 25 kg of fat. Anna shares her personal story of how DNA testing ended her on-and-off yoyo-dieting journey and helped her stay in shape for good. How good is CircleDNA? It is this good…

“Lose 10 lbs in three days!” When was the last time you clicked on a similar proposition that popped up on your screen? I was super thrilled the first time I saw something like this. But let me first take you through how I got to this point.

I was never interested in losing weight, and to me, everything was fine. As a self proclaimed foodie, I was always the first to try out a new snack joint in town.

From pizzas to syrup layered and frosted hotcakes, fries, corn crisps, chocolates and more, I had developed an uncontrolled desire for anything I found mouth-watering.

I got a pleasant job in the finance industry. Therefore, I was capable of catering to whatever I wanted. And that meant I could give myself all the little treats I wanted.

In the case of a bad day at work, my solace was overeating. Besides that, bond times with friends were always shared while munching the sweetest snacks.

Chilling out on the weekends was not different. More often than not, I’d spend my time watching my favourite shows while absentmindedly stuffing my face.

The Key to the Best Way to Lose Weight

At only 155cm height, I weighed an astonishing 77kgs. Besides that, my body fat was way above average at 35%. The idea of hoarding so much body fat in me freaked me out. I realised that it is time to find the best way to lose weight, change my lifestyle, and adopt a more self-caring attitude.

Yoyo-dieting: Trying out Different Weight Loss Methods

The first time I saw an ad indicating I could lose ten pounds in three days, I immediately clicked it. I thought it was the best way to lose weight fast and surprise everyone within a short time. However, I was the one who got mesmerised.

I resorted to searching for a new routine, the second time landing on a “lose 30lbs in 10 days!” ad. If I could manage that, then I would be on top of the world.

Despite how far-fetched this idea was, I believed I could do it. Maybe my body would respond better this time. However, after trials and errors ending up in a series of yoyo-dieting, I was still nowhere close to cutting even ten pounds.

The trials were overwhelming. I tried it all: from starving myself to weight loss pills, juicing, keto, vegan diets, and more. I was passionate, but doing so much for so little shattered my hopes a great deal.

Not long after that, a fantastic opportunity shortly came up. For US$10,000, I could reshape myself. This proposition was more irresistible. The reviews were very promising, and considering the excessive pricing, it looked like the real deal.

I eventually got disappointed since I had almost nothing to show for after spending so much. It was the same story: intense cardio and yoyo-dieting. As before, I lost a few pounds but gained them all back within a short while.

Losing Hope on Losing Weight

There was a time I crash dieted for two weeks just before a junk party. What was the point of trying something unachievable? Maybe my genetics was to blame for my failure even after following countless guidelines on how to lose weight.

My pals were not helping either. Some said I was chasing after failure, while others said I was wasting my funds. Every time I made an effort to lose weight and failed, their words would weigh on me more.

Quitting Yoyo-dieting for Good

There was this dress-up event at work where we all had to wear a black outfit. I never really thought about it much. “Of course, there is something black I can slide into from my wardrobe,” I thought.

However, upon checking my closet, all I could find that could fit me was a pair of black leggings. No matter how many times I rearranged my clothes, I couldn’t find anything else.

No kind of discouragement could sway me this time. Not even the cute little nicknames my besties had for me: “boba princess,” “party queen.”

It was an intense resolution. It was time to go back to the drawing board. This time, I was tired of yoyo-dieting.

This time, I must find a way out.

Eat According to My Genes

I started seeking better solutions for healthy eating and weight loss. Luckily, I got to know about DNA testing. With over 500 reports from CircleDNAs premium program, I was sure I had finally found something that focused on getting to the root cause of my weight issues.

How Good is CircleDNA? A Genetic Testing To Help Lose Weight Healthily

I had a lot to learn about myself after CircleDNA conducted several tests:

1. “I can blame it on my parents.”

Just as I thought, my genes played a significant part in my appearance. I was “born fat.” I had an obesity trait from my maternal family. The good news is I didn’t have to remain obese as body size depends on 30% genetics and 70% environment.

2. Carbohydrate Sensitivity

I discovered I was more sensitive to carbohydrates. This meant that my body could metabolise carbohydrates much better than the average person. Initially, I would go big on my carbs diet. In fact, all my meals had carbohydrates in them. No wonder I wasn’t helping myself much with yoyo-dieting.

3. Alcohol Sensitivity

Moreover, I found out I am allergic to alcohol like my father. Not that I was a binge liquor taker or anything.

Making Dietary Changes, Based on Actionable DNA Insights

I learned how to tune my carbohydrate diet to achieve my goals. That didn’t mean I had to cut off carbs from my nutrition, as is typical with yoyo-dieting. I just had to find starch with low glycaemic indexes.

I swapped foods like white rice, white bread, and processed foods with low-carb foods like broccoli, cauliflower, fish, eggs, and so on.

Lose Weight According to My Genes

Nobody who’s overweight likes lengthy hours at the gym. Even some bodybuilders do it only as a means to get in shape for competitions. So, I found the intense training and eating routines devastating.

It’s through CircleDNA that I discovered cardio workouts tend to leave you hungry. True, they can be pretty effective at sweating you out and converting lots of fat to energy. But, considering the hunger after that, and with me returning to my carbs-rich diet, I was punishing my muscles for no reason.

Instead of the explosive training I usually did with my coach, I slowed things down. Low-intensity activities with more reps were the way to do it.

And all this was coming from my gene. The results were amazing, especially seeing that I wouldn’t have to strain so much in the gym.

The Outcome: a Resounding Success!

Exome sequencing genetic testing proved to be my best way to lose weight. Through the DNA-conscious lifestyle I currently have, I am proud to eat, look, and feel healthy and confident.

After 12 weeks of hard work, the results were visible. My body fat was down by 6%, and my weight was less by 10kg. This was the ray of hope I needed to drive me to succeed in my weight loss journey.

I thought I was great at doing squats. However, when I compare how I trained before and after getting into CircleDNA’s fitness program, I see a significant improvement.

Not only I’m I healthy, but I can also work out much better and do other activities with so much ease and better precision.

I always loved a particular grey dress. With only a year’s difference, I could hardly recognise the way it felt. It was all wrinkly and loose.

Looking at my closet, I was a little sad, leaving almost 80% of my cute outfits. But the good thing was, I was winning since I was slowly but surely achieving my body goals.

By the end of the program, I was 25kgs lighter! It’s over three years now, and I haven’t regained the weight I had lost.

How Important is DNA Testing & How Good is CircleDNA?

Through this experience, I learned the importance of staying healthy and why everyone needs a good meal plan and exercise routine.

Because of my tremendous weight loss journey, my friends also realised the importance of DNA testing. Now, they set their diet plans and workouts to lose weight and achieve a healthy lifestyle effectively. It’s fulfilling to become a beacon of hope for others.

I occasionally enjoy a treat, but remember not to overdo things to avoid an unchecked weight gain. A great team at CircleDNA coupled with self-discipline and accountability ensure I retain the impressive body I had always desired.

That is why I led the Circle’s Health Coach Community. I now know that anyone can get their desired body if they commit themselves.

So, What Should You Do with All the Contradictions Surrounding Diets?

Online resources everywhere claim to provide weight loss tips – they could be accurate, but they don’t necessarily work for everyone. It’s not surprising to see something in the lines of:

“Carbs make you fat” or

“Fats make you fat” or

“Don’t eat too much protein in one sitting.”

So, should you starve? Are you yoyo-dieting, or are you ready to lose weight for good?

Why not try out CircleDNA’s exome series to rid your body of excess weight? Understanding the inner workings of your body is the only way to truly solve your weight issues. Anna is given your the clearest answer for “how good is CircleDNA?”, now it is time for you to experience and have your own answer.

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