5 Family-Friendly Easter Activities

Easter is one of the best family bonding (and one of the most fun) holidays that brings families together. There are so many enjoyable family-friendly Easter activities that require very little prep time and are easy to organize.

Easter activities with the kids are the perfect opportunity to make lasting holiday memories with your family.

Kids have always loved visits from the Easter bunny, Easter egg hunts, painting eggs, making crafts, decorating cookies, and much more. Let’s take a look at 5 super fun and family-friendly Easter activities you could do with your kids this year:


1. Organize a Treasure Hunt (Easter Egg Hunt)

There is nothing that spells Easter more than the egg-hunting tradition that children have always held dear. This Easter won’t be the same without it. If you have kids, a fun activity for the holiday is to set up your version of an Easter-themed scavenger hunt, treasure hunt, or egg hunt. The kids, and adults who willingly participate, are sure to have a blast!

Kick your hunt up a notch by getting Easter-themed printables from the internet to print out your clues. Just print, cut, and hide them in appropriate spots. Make your egg hunters more motivated by setting a grand prize for the participant who gets the most clues and eggs.

2. Food Decorating

If you and your family are foodies, you can use Easter to “play with food!” Since playing with your food isn’t normally encouraged, it makes it fun for kids to be allowed to play with food (and decorate food) for a special occasion.

Every child, at some point, may have heard their mom say, “stop playing with your food.” Going against the norms once in a while makes for a memorable holiday. Decorating food is fun, and this creative activity is exciting for kids of any age.

You can bake cookies with bunny-shaped cookie cutters, and decorate them with icing. You can have your kids decorate cupcakes as well, with Easter-themed toppers. You can even make egg-shaped cookies and deck them with various colors of royal icing and sprinkles. Or, if you are short on time, simply running to the store to buy plain baked goodies and some colorful icing will do just as well. You’ll have fun doing this with the kids, and if you’re having family over for a meal, your kids have just supplied the dessert!


3. Painting Easter Eggs

There’s beauty in this simple activity of egg painting, because it creates happy memories for kids of all ages, and it’s a fantastic way to express one’s creative and artistic side. Even adults enjoy this activity, painting and decorating eggs and admiring their final result.

First, you’ll want to poke holes in both ends of the egg and blow out the yolk and egg whites. Make an omelette with the unused egg filling, and save the egg shells for decorating. Painting eggs is always a hit with the kids, and it’s a bonding Easter activity for the family. (It also happens to be a very affordable activity that’s easy to organize.)

4. Organize a Visit from the Easter Bunny to Hand Out Easter Baskets

Have one of the adults in the family put on a bunny costume and hand out Easter baskets to the kids. Everyone’s colorful Easter basket should have a chocolate bunny, chocolate eggs, and perhaps some painted eggs or plastic yellow chicks for decoration. You might even throw in some kids-sized bunny ears, so the kids can dress up as a bunny as well.

You can either rent or buy a bunny costume, but if this is something you want to make an annual tradition, you’ll probably buy one.

5. Easter-Themed Face Painting

Why not buy some face paint and offer to paint ‘bunny whiskers’ on your kids’ faces this Easter? The kids will love it, it’s a family bonding activity, and it puts everyone in good spirits.

At the dollar store, you could even buy some kid’s sized colorful bunny ears, little cotton tails, and all the extras your kids will need to finish the look. The best part, of course, will be the whiskers and cute bunny nose painted on their faces. This also makes for a great family photo opportunity!

Easter is definitely one of the most fun and mood-boosting holidays for families, with some of the most enjoyable activities to take part in.

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