CircleDNA Birthday Special: Inspiring Stories From Our #CircleChangemakers

CircleDNA just turned 2! Thank you for supporting us throughout our journey. What started out as a university spin-off by a team…

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CircleDNA just turned 2! Thank you for supporting us throughout our journey. What started out as a university spin-off by a team of professors focused on genetics and clinical research turned into the revolutionary project of spearheading the idea of preventive health. Nature creates its mosaic from cells. Human DNA is 99.9% identical from person to person, however, despite the 7.8 billion people around the globe, no two people are the same. That 0.1% means a world of difference. Contrary to popular belief, this deceptively tiny percentage amounts to millions of different locations within a genome where a variation can occur, hence making you unique from everyone else.

We are all human, with our own hopes, dreams, fears, and goals. With the right push, we can strive to become the best possible version of ourselves. With the most advanced DNA sequencing technology in the world, we are able to identify genetic differences and produce up to 500+ reports describing a person’s health risks, body type, behavioural characteristics and more. CircleDNA reports serve as a mirror for you to understand yourself at a cellular level, and make concrete plans to work towards your goals. With this knowledge, we’ve encouraged up to 50,000 people all around the world to take charge of their lives and make positive diet and lifestyle changes. How? Follow our CircleChangemakers as they grab life by the reins and take charge of their own life with the help of CircleDNA.

Grace Chan Encourages Other Women to Look Within

Hong Kongers may recognize Grace Chan strutting as Miss Hong Kong who starred in several films and hosted various TV shows. The sky’s the limit for this high achiever. Besides her stint in showbiz, she also juggles being an entrepreneur and the mother of two adorable kids. This popular face continues to inspire women around the world to challenge and invent new norms.

What’s her secret to success? Grace urges women to prioritize their wellbeing above everything else, as she believes you can only be your best self when your health is at its tip-top shape. After taking her CircleDNA test, she found out that she is gluten and carb-sensitive. With the newfound knowledge, she is able to make lifestyle changes and prioritize her health and well-being, allowing her to pave the way and chase her dreams.

Louisa Kan Finds the Perfect Gift for Her Mother

Mothers devote their entire lives to taking care of everyone around them, at the expense of neglecting themselves. Therefore Louisa Kan wanted to shower her mum with the same love and care in return. On her quest to pamper her mother, Louisa decided CircleDNA was the perfect gift for taking care of her mum’s health. As a cancer survivor, Louisa’s mother is extra cautious about her diet and lifestyle regimens. CircleDNA reports helped her identify what are the best diet and lifestyle choices specifically for her, helping fine-tune her regimens. Louisa is comforted by the fact that her mother’s DNA test results have helped her mother take full charge of her health.

CircleDNA Helps Michi Yu Deal With Cancer Fears

Michi Yu is excited to share with her followers how easy it was to get her DNA test results and how valuable the reports are for her mission to take control of her own health. In her post, Michi opens up about her anxiety from knowing that cancer risk runs in her family. Fortunately, her DNA test results offered her peace of mind as her genetic reports indicated that she had no excess risk of developing a carcinogenic mutation. Besides that, she was pleasantly surprised to learn a few interesting traits about herself – her DNA report showed that she has a “high level” of language ability, which she was not confident about as a naturally shy person.  Find out new things about yourself with the CircleDNA test!

CircleDNA Keeps Mom-trepreneur Vivien Thang Healthy

Being a mother of two is no easy feat and the pandemic makes everything a little more challenging. This can take a physical and mental toll on the momtrepreneur. Being based in Hong Kong means Vivien Thang hasn’t been able to visit her home Malaysia as she used to because of COVID-19 restrictions. Vivien turns to CircleDNA to learn more about herself in order to ensure she can maintain her mental health in its best shape. With actionable insights from her reports, Vivien’s routines are tailored to best suit her health needs, making it effortless for her to balance work and family time.

Cindy Toh Learns About Herself

Baker Cindy Toh shares her CircleDNA results with her followers. According to her reports, she has a predisposition for creativity, which didn’t come as a surprise to the celebrated baker and cake decorator.  She also shares that she has a higher risk for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which explains why she is sensitive to dust in her house during renovation. She now knows to make sure she avoids situations like this even though they could seem common and harmless to an average person.

Can you relate to being in situations that seem harmless to other people but somehow impact you in a different way? Take a DNA test to find out why! Additionally, Cindy’s results showed that her body reacts more to strength-based training, which may be the reason why she doesn’t see any results despite investing hours in Zumba. Like her, you could also find out which exercise routines could be ineffective for you and as a result figure out the best regimens so you can take charge of your health more seamlessly. Work smarter not harder!

Bseen88 Promotes Self-Love with CircleDNA

Bseen Ng is on a mission to promote self-love in an age of uncertainty. She believes that taking care of your own health is the “best way to love yourself and those around you”. With the help of CircleDNA reports, women around the world can take control of their health and make smarter decisions about their lifestyle choices. From nutrition, diet, to optimum workouts, insights from CircleDNA can help tailor lifestyle choices based on your genes!


At the end of the day, Circle reports are not set in stone. We would like to emphasize that your #GenesAreNOTYourDestiny! Arm yourself with Circle reports and use them as actionable insights to learn more about your tendencies. Utilize the reports as tools to make the lifestyle changes you need.