CantoMando Spills “Shang Chi Workout” Secrets

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Famed for their comedic antics, CantoMando is a digital media brand formed by three-long time best friends Edward Leung, Mike and Sheldon. Following the release of the latest Marvel Superhero blockbuster, “Shang Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings“, CantoMando decided to challenge themselves to follow Simu Liu’s “Shang Chi Workout” for 30 days.

From their favourite workout, random fun facts, to pearls of wisdom, find out everything you want to know about our favourite Asian American trio.

Q: We’d love to get to know you better! Please give us a short introduction of yourself.

We’re Cantomando, a group of three Chinese Canadian Youtubers whose goal is to share culture and build bridges. We believe that this is the best way to make a lasting positive impact in the world.

Our names are Edward, Sheldon and Mike and we’ve been best friends since high school. After working full-time jobs, we realized that our passion was not with our jobs. It was in making impactful videos to inspire others. That’s when we decided to work on YouTube full-time and it has led us here!

Q: What is your definition of a superhero?

A superhero is someone who is unafraid to challenge norms, believes in their purpose and acts in the best interest of not only themselves but others as well. They chase their goal relentlessly and do whatever it takes to see their vision come true.

Q: If you meet Simu Liu again, what would you like to ask him and what would you like to say to him?

We’re actually friends with Simu and we see him from time to time. Most recently, we were at Shang Chi’s premiere in Toronto. He was exhausted going to different events (superhero duties) so we briefly chatted about his success and told him to get some rest haha.


Q: What was the hardest part of the workout program?

The hardest part about the program, and any program in general, is maintaining motivation and drive. When we see ourselves struggling and not making much progress, we often hesitate and wonder if we’re actually capable of achieving our goals. We had to find ways to stay focused and motivated.

Everything just ends up being a mental struggle and that was the hardest part.

Q: What was your favourite part of the process?

Ironically, our favourite part of the process was also the mental struggle on the way up. Although it was the hardest, seeing yourself become stronger mentally and looking back at how you persevered through it is the most rewarding.

Q: Do you have some tips to share on how to get into the “superhero mindset of discipline”?

It all comes from integrity. When you say you’ll do something, it’s a sacred promise to yourself and it should be thought as so. When you’re struggling, ask yourself if you have integrity and does your word mean anything? If you want others to believe your word (this includes your loved ones and friends) then don’t stop. Be true to yourself and never take any goal, or any promise lightly. Even if that’s just a promise to yourself.

Q: How did your team find the motivation to stick to the program?

We had each other and we also had our word. There was a time where we really wanted to quit. However not only did we hold ourselves accountable, we also had each other to hold us accountable. We had a talk and asked ourselves, if we quit now, would we regret this? Are we people with integrity? Since the answer was yes, the outcome was obvious.

Once we took away the possibility of quitting, our mindsets changed completely from “how do we get out of this?” to “how do we get through this?”

Q: How was your CircleDNA experience?

It was great! Not only was it super fun seeing the results and comparing amongst ourselves, it was also a real eye-opening experience. We’ll use the information to optimize our lives moving forward.

Q: Which report categories did you find most useful for yourself? You can select more than one!

  • Diet & nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Common Diseases Prevention
  • Stress Management and Sleep Quality Improvement
  • Family Planning
  • others please state

Definitely the common disease prevention and diet and nutrition. These two give us insights into things we’re susceptible to and how to prevent them. We’re already implementing the suggestions in our day-to-day life as well.


Q: How are you adapting your lifestyle based on the insights from your DNA reports?

We’re taking the diet and nutrition information and modifying our diets to match the recommended ones. We’re also cutting down on things that might trigger the common diseases that we’re susceptible to. There’s a lot of suggestions but overall, we think that it’ll help us long term.

Q: 3 fun facts you would like to share about yourself with our readers.

1. Mike has a triple earlobe on one of his ears.

2. Edward has a really big forehead.

3. Sheldon laughs like a seal.

With the myriad of diets and workouts out there, finding the ones that work for you can be a tedious process. There is no better time than now to cut to the chase and take a CircleDNA test to find out the answers for yourself.

More about CantoMando: CantoMando is a trio of YouTubers that have achieved international popularity with their hilarious and thought-provoking videos sharing their experiences as Asian Americans. Their presence on social media has made them become influential figures in the Asian American community.