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Mother’s Day Special: Guess My DNA

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“Being a mother means being completely and totally overwhelmed (in the best possible way) by love, joy, responsibility, and selflessness. Motherhood means sleepless nights, big belly laughs, caterpillars on the coffee table, finger-painting in the kitchen, stubbed toes, and gapped toothed grins.”Lauren Casper

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

Have you ever thought, what’s it like being a mum in 2021?

There’s no such thing as “taking a day off” for a mum. 

Being a mum is a permanent full time job – no matter how tough times are, no lay-offs, no shutdowns, no termination of contract – and indeed the most important one.

Being a mum has never been an easy task, even less so in the midst of an ongoing pandemic.

During lockdowns, some may not get to see their mother in a long while, whose absence makes the hearts grow even fonder.

Meanwhile, some of us are locked down together with our family, where Mum once again plays the superhero at home, taking care of us despite handling unprecedented circumstances and challenges.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s how important and strong this bond is with our most loved ones – even if some of us are miles apart. 

Mum’s love and support is needed now more than ever – be it us in need of Mum’s love, or us as mothers and the innate care provider for our kids. Therefore, we should celebrate and protect our biggest superheroes by giving them the #GiftOfHealth.

We can never thank our mums enough for everything they are doing for us, from raising us up, taking care of our everyday needs, handling minute chores to being our rock in the most important moments of our lives.

But the very least we can do for our mothers is to show them how much we love them and care about their wellbeing. This Mother’s Day, let’s look after our mums, just the same as they always look after us!

#CircleCelebratesMums with the #GiftofHealth

Not sure what to give Mum this Mother’s Day? 

How about the #GiftofHealth.

Your health and happiness is surely one thing that can never fail her. At the same time, her health and well-being should be a priority, too.

More so than ever, health is our biggest wealth. From living under the threats of COVID, we all first-handedly experienced the importance of maintaining our health and wellness.

You don’t want to get Mum worried, you don’t want Mum to worry about you, either. 

The best move you can make, is to ensure both of you have access and insights into preventive healthcare. Hence, we have bundled up our most comprehensive DNA test in the world as your Mother’s Day gift – one for you for self-use, one for gifting Mama.

So forget about cliché gift ideas – bye-bye, flowers bouquets, skincare gift sets and mugs – because your mama deserves the best asset in life – the knowledge of maintaining her health.

By unlocking her genetic profile with DNA tests like CircleDNA Premium, Mum will be able to unlock over 500+ reports that cover cancer risks, disease risks, drug response and more. Coupled with actionable items to implement in daily routines, this could be a great start to leading a sustainable, healthy, risk-minimised lifestyle.

To buy one gift one free Circle Premium to mum, visit our website for Mother’s Day sale >>>

For more Mother’s Day gift ideas, be sure to check our top wellness gift guide.

Mother’s Day Special: Guess My DNA

And hail the great genes we inherited from our Mamas! You must remember the anthem #IGotItFromMyMama:

So this Mother’s Day, we asked mother-children duos to come join our Guess My DNA series to, well, guess their DNA.

Mums know best, so the saying goes. But when it comes to our genes, can mums beat the world’s most comprehensive DNA test? 

CircleDNA has put together a series of genetic report-based questions, and put the mother-children teams to test. We shall find out how well they know each other, themselves and their genes.

If you were to take our Guess Our DNA quiz, how do you think you would fare?

You, too, are most probably having misconceptions about your own body, like our contestants this time! 

Think you have appetite control? Not according to the DNA reports. Got a sweet tooth? Think again. Not fit enough for weight-lifting? You’ve been underestimating what your body can do.

If you’re ready to know more about yourself, be sure to uncover your genetic story with CircleDNA.

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