10 Winter Holiday Date Ideas

A wonderful date doesn’t have to be super fancy to be romantic, and there are many winter holiday date ideas that are simple yet magical. Date nights are designed to allow you to bond with your partner and create special memories that fill your love bank. Even first dates should be fun and not stressful, because they allow you to open up and get to know a potential partner. Take the nerve-racking factor out of dating by keeping the itinerary simple, so you can focus on each other.

If you think outdoor date activities are exclusive for warmer months, think again. Many of the best winter holiday date ideas involve being outdoors (bundled up, of course). When it’s cold outside, you just have that extra excuse to cuddle up close to each other. Regular date nights are vital for the success of your relationship because date nights foster intimacy, they’re bonding, and they give you the opportunity to get to know each other better.

Below are some fun and romantic holiday date ideas that you can do with your partner this winter season. Try them all out to spice up your regular date nights. These winter holiday date ideas are sure to warm your heart and have you forgetting all about the cold.


1. Get Cozy Under the Stars

Arctic winds and tons of snow may have you wishing for spring to come and thaw everything in sight. However, pause and reframe your mindset. Astronomers love cold winter nights because they bring beautiful, sparkling skies bedecked with twinkling stars. The Andromeda Galaxy, Sirius, Orion’s belt, and Casiopea are just a few of the gorgeous sights that peak in the wintertime.

Stargazing is incredibly romantic. The key is staying comfy and warm outside, so you don’t turn into a popsicle as you appreciate the vast universe with your partner. Dress in layers, don wool socks, wear waterproof boots and gloves, pop on large earmuffs, and wear a warm hat so you can enjoy your date at your chosen outdoor observation deck. Perhaps you’ll bring a camping mattress and a big blanket, head to a field and stargaze with a warm thermos of coffee and baileys or hot chocolate.

2. See a Christmas Light Display

Every town has a place where there’s a neighbourhood with elaborate Christmas light displays and decorations for all to enjoy. Embrace the holiday cheer and invite your date on a field trip to admire all the colourful, sparkling lights. Even if it’s just one decked-out street of lights, you will still have a good time admiring the scene.

There’s something about bright lights amidst the darkness that makes people feel hopeful. You will undoubtedly feel the spirit of the season as you admire the festive ambience. Once your dazzling light display date is over, you can find a local bar to unwind with some red wine or go to a coffee shop for a quick nightcap.

3. Watch a Christmas Play

After a year of closure, quarantine, and isolation, many performing arts venues are finally turning on their marquees. On your next date night, take a trip to the theatre to support any local shows from ballets to musicals. For example, the Nutcracker ballet is a classic Christmas staple that will definitely put you in the mood.

If entertainment venues have yet to reopen in your area, you can still watch a concert, dance performance, play, or musical from the comforts of home. For instance, you can watch the Tony-award-winning musical, “Hamilton” on Disney+ or the newer “Diana: The Musical” on Netflix. Enjoy a cultural experience with your loved one right as you cozy up on your couch.


4. Bake Holiday Themed Goodies

Now is the time to pair up cause teamwork makes the dream work. You can bake batches of Christmas cookies and have fun decorating. Put them in cookie tins and spread holiday cheer to your friends and family.

If you want to take things up a notch, try making your own gingerbread house. Pick a unique design to make it a little more challenging. Alternatively, you can try making these healthier desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. And what better way to enjoy your baked goodies than enjoying it with a cup of hot cocoa. This quintessential drink is best enjoyed as you cuddle up in front of the fireplace.

5. Catch a Holiday Movie

Find a holiday classic and load up your car with some munchies and drinks. A drive-in movie theatre is certainly more private than the traditional one. You can cuddle and talk more comfortably than if you were at a big theatre.

Alternatively, you can also have a themed movie night at your place. For example, you can do winter-themed teen flicks, cheesy holiday films, or Christmas comedies. Make dinner first and do it picnic-style on the living room couch. Then hold a movie marathon on the blanket, which is the perfect spot for snuggling and ensuring romance is in the air. Of course, no self-respecting movie night will be complete if you don’t stock up on buttered popcorn, candy, and pop.

6. Volunteer Together

One of the noblest things you can do to celebrate your relationship is to give back to your community. Volunteering makes for a great date as it allows you to explore your common values. Besides, studies show that volunteering does the following:

  • Stimulate the brain’s reward center
  • Release endorphins to boost mood
  • Feel good about contributing
  • Socialize with others
  • Attract positive energy

Volunteering as a couple allows you to share a meaningful experience. It will foster your closeness. Besides, whether you help out in a soup kitchen, hospital, orphanage, or animal shelter, offering assistance to those in need helps you realize your blessings and makes you feel grateful.


7. Explore a Holiday Bazaar or Christmas Market

Holiday shopping is loads of fun, especially if you do it at a cute and festive outdoor Christmas market. There’s something magical about exploring the streets all-decked out with lights, mistletoes, hollies, and other decors. Enjoy the holiday deals and the treats for sale like eggnog, cider, chestnuts, etc.

Not only will you bond with each other on this fun date, but you can cross a hefty chunk out of your holiday shopping list. There are tons of unique finds in holiday bazaars so you’re bound to find a present or two for family and friends. When you’re done shopping, treat yourself to spiked cider.

8. Go Snowshoeing

Lace-up your hiking boots or grab your snowshoes, prep your waterproof wear, put on a warm hat and hit up your local trail. Go on a unique date by taking your partner to explore the great outdoors. Apart from giving you a good workout, communing with nature will make you feel calmer and less anxious. Earthing is scientifically proven to be good for you as it curbs stress, promotes good sleep, and elevates your mood.

Don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch, including sandwiches, chips, pasta salad, and cookies, for your hike. If you’re feeling extra, pack a thermos of hot soup to warm you up. Stop by a scenic meadow to enjoy your time together. Nothing could be more filling than enjoying a meal with stunning winter views. And, of course, don’t forget to hydrate with tons of water.

9. Drop By a Botanical Garden

Contrary to what most people believe, botanical gardens do not just offer summer and spring blooms. Many gardens have perennials and plant varieties that also thrive in winter. Take your date to enjoy the greenery and fresh air. Besides, studies show that green spaces can do the following:

  • Boost your mood
  • Alleviate stress
  • Make you happier
  • Promote social cohesion
  • Improve health

10. Do a Nighttime Light Walk

Light walks in your area could be at the top of a mountain or at a designated attraction where, once per year at Christmastime, canopies of lights and twinkling trails are accessible to walk through for a small admission fee. Many of these light walks are designed with couples in mind and are complete with live music, warming huts, and photo booths. All of the lights and accompanying music will get you and your partner in the holiday spirit.

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