How Dina Inspired Change Despite Cancer Risk

Dina was always a health and wellness enthusiast. Often referred to as a “health nut” by her friends, Dina was known for…

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Dina was always a health and wellness enthusiast. Often referred to as a “health nut” by her friends, Dina was known for her healthy lifestyle, including maintaining a healthy diet, sleeping well, bio-hacking, and exercising. Dina was a health and wellness influencer who thought she was on top of her health game. By taking the CircleDNA premium test, however, Dina discovered she has a BRCA1 gene mutation, putting her at a higher risk of potentially developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

As you can imagine, this information changed Dina’s worldview and frightened her. Even though her CircleDNA reports came with a whole bunch of other, more positive information about Dina’s ancestry, personality traits and fitness capabilities – she was still feeling unsettled by her cancer risk report.

Let’s dive into Dina’s story, and how her DNA test revealed information that changed her life:

Dina Always Wanted to be The Best Version of Herself


Although before the age of 25, Dina felt invincible (like nothing bad could happen to her). However, it didn’t take her long to start focusing on her health.

When she turned 25, Dina started teaching herself all about health and wellness. This was inspired by her own digestive issues and skin problems.

Dina started listening to numerous podcasts on bio-hacking, and doing a ton of health research. Around that time, she also began providing health content on her social media platforms because she enjoyed sharing her knowledge with others.

Dina has constantly strived to become the best version of herself. For many years she has been searching for a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. She has trialed various diets such as pescetarianism, veganism, keto as well as taking an array of supplements each day. Needless to say, her health has been a consistent priority.

“Wellness is a new wealth,” Dina would often say. She was a bit of a perfectionist when it came to her health and fitness.

Everything Seemed Fine Until Her DNA Test Results Came Back

Dina’s future was looking bright, with no problems in sight. She had been focused on health, fitness and wellness for some time now.

Dina wanted to mark her 30th birthday with a CircleDNA test to take her wellness journey to the next level. While she thought she was kickstarting a new decade of her life with the power of knowledge about her genetics, little did she know that she was about to unravel some game-changing news about her future health.

Dina’s Cancer-Causing Mutation Gene

To her surprise, Dina learned from CircleDNA that she has a BRCA1 mutation gene. This means that based on her DNA, Dina does have some risk of developing breast cancer, pancreatic cancer or ovarian cancer.

Considering the ultra-healthy lifestyle she had been leading, Dina wasn’t anticipating being at risk for cancer or diseases. Dina forgot that regardless of her healthy lifestyle, she could have genetic mutations that can lead to cancer.

For the first time in a long time, Dina felt the sensation of fear.

This fear, however, didn’t last too long as Dina realized the BRCA1 mutation gene doesn’t guarantee a person will get cancer. A person could have the BRCA1 mutation gene and never develop any cancer. Dina could actually use this information to her advantage because knowing her cancer risks allows her to make some important life changes and live her life armed with hypervigilance.

How Knowing About Her Cancer Risk Changed Dina’s Priorities

It might seem scary to learn the potentials of gene mutation, cancer risks and disease risks. It’s normal to feel shocked, disappointed, worried, afraid, uncertain or anxious upon reading that you are at risk for a certain health problem.

Once Dina had time to process this news, she was grateful to have received the information. She soon understood the silver lining: Knowledge is power.

Dina explains, “I think it’s very important that we’re aware early on in the life of the cancer risks or disease risks we might have so that we can be extra careful in terms of how we live our lives. We can live healthier lifestyles, go for regular exams, and be hypervigilant knowing how important early detection is.” Knowing what to watch out for can lead to prevention or early detection, both of which could save your life compared to someone who was unaware of their cancer risks and therefore failed to notice symptoms before it was too late.

Although her DNA test revealed indications for potential cancer risks, she also learned that there’s hope. Dina found out that her mutated gene has not developed any cancer yet. She is currently cancer-free, and it could stay that way.

Dina’s Lifestyle Changes

Dina’s priorities have changed after learning about her genetic risk of cancer. She began booking more regular health tests. Besides that, she applied for frequent early cancer screenings to ensure that she stays ahead of the problem. To her relief, no cancer has been detected yet, and she knows to prioritize and schedule frequent health check-ups.

“I wish I had found out about the CircleDNA test earlier, and known all this information about myself earlier. I would have been living an even healthier lifestyle than I already was, just to minimize those cancer risks even more,” says Dina. However, at least now she knows, and she can book more frequent health exams and screenings.

How Getting to Know Herself Better Improved Dina’s Overall Health


It was because of her commitment to health and her ongoing research on bio-hacking products that Dina stumbled across CircleDNA tests. With CircleDNA Premium’s 500+ reports, Dina found out a ton of health-related information to improve her ability to reach her health goals. CircleDNA confirmed that her optimal nutritional needs were in fact hindered by her strict vegan diet, as most of the nutrition she was in higher need of can be only found in animal products. She was able to find supplements to make up for these nutritional deficiencies.

Dina also realised how weak her detoxification system was, so she has now strengthened it by consuming more cruciferous vegetables. Adjusting her diet and supplements based on her DNA report has made her feel better than ever.

Overcoming Her Fear of Cancer

From seeing the silver lining of gaining knowledge about her health risks, and making the best use of her DNA insights, Dina took the steps to take back control and further improve her health.

Don’t let fear stop you from getting to know yourself better. Like Dina, you can prioritize your health and protect the health of your future self by seeking out information and health reports about yourself.

Dina explains, “Every single one of us is at risk of potentially getting cancer down the line. If a DNA test could tell you which cancers you’re at higher risk of, why wouldn’t you want to know? You can take preventative measures and change your lifestyle to minimize your risk. It’s always better to be aware, be mindful, and live a healthier lifestyle.”

Finding out potential health risks earlier is the first step towards taking care of your future self. Prevention is always the best way to take care of yourself. To get your full health report, order CircleDNA Premium today.