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Emi Wong & Chad Talk About Family Planning with CircleDNA

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Emi Wong and Chad, popular YouTube stars, are a mixed fun-loving couple who recently got married. If you have been following the couple, you know they post a lot of various content regarding workouts, health, skincare, fashion, cooking, and more.

As newlyweds, the next step is for Emi and Chad to start family planning. Emi and Chad want to do some family planning to see what type of health factors they can potentially pass onto their future children. Additionally, they were super intrigued about hearing ancestry related information.

Thankfully, they wanted to share their results with their YouTube fans. Let’s dig in to the exciting results.

On Emi Wong & Chad’s Ancestry Reports

Chad was excited to see what his specific mix was. He is 53% East Asian and 47% European. His 47% European result is broken down into various categories with the majority being 25% Eastern European, Romania, and Transylvania. His results also showed he is 13% Northern European and 7% Southern European.

Emi is mostly East Asian with a 95% result. She is also 57% Han Chinese. She is a bit southeast Asian and 4.5 % Vietnamese. Emi is 0.8% Indonesian. Her DNA is Thai and Indonesian.

Despite Emi and Chad being completely in love and compatible, they are very different when it comes to DNA. There is absolutely no overlap. They think it will be interesting to see what their child’s DNA will turn out to be. 

On Emi Wong & Chad’s Diet and Nutrition Reports

Chad explains that his test results showed he should be eating a low carb diet. He has very high carbohydrate sensitivity so he needs to watch his carbs. Chad needs Omega-3 DHA. 

Emi is lactose intolerant, which was very useful knowledge to her and she wishes she knew earlier. She has been questioning what was wrong a few years back (and blamed Chad’s cooking!) Her results also even told her that she needs a bit more Omega-3 ALA than the average person.

Both of their results showed they need Vitamin D. It’s not uncommon for people to need Vitamin D. In fact, Cleveland Clinic revealed in a chart that people need at least 400-600 IU of vitamin D. Sometimes you may need more, but that can be discussed with your doctor. Eating certain foods such as cod, eggs, milk, yogurt, and beef are some of the foods that contain vitamin D.

Coming to Emi Wong & Chad’s Sports and Fitness Reports…

CircleDNA shows detailed information when it comes to your DNA and traits when it comes to exercise response and recovery. The results can also show your injury risk for certain activities.

Emi’s results show HIIT (High intensity interval training) exercises may work best for her body. While Chad’s results show that more intense training like Crossfit could be better for him.

As of Emi Wong & Chad’s Well-Being

Emi’s results show she has low control with appetite. Their longevity is the same with “average” as their result.

It’s important to learn more about your well-being because if you know for a fact, like Emi, that you should watch your appetite control this can help you with more mindful eating. You may overeat and not even realize it. Maybe you did not realize you need to be a bit more mindful of how many calories you are eating. Or if you do watch your calorie intake, it’s good to know you have a risk of high appetite and little control over it so you can be cautious in the future. 

What About Emi Wong & Chad’s Stress and Sleep Reports?

The CircleDNA test shows your stress and sleep. For example, your sleep duration, sleep movement, sleep quality, stress tolerance, and stress induced obesity as some people gain weight when they are stressed.

Stress and Sleep is incredibly important to monitor. Your sleep quality determines your mood and overall well-being. Knowing insights on this can help you modify any needed changes to improve your sleep or stress levels.

For example, if your results show that your quality of sleep is poor, you can find ways to improve this. Some ideas could be listening to meditation music before sleep, not using electronics, or it may be something you need to discuss with your doctor. Even if you sleep 8 hours per night, your quality of sleep can still be low, so it is helpful to know what your actual quality is. Once you gain the quality of sleep and not just the quantity of hours, you will notice a huge difference in your mood, focus, and enegry levels.

What do Emi Wong & Chad’s Genes Say About Their Skin?

With Circle’s in-depth DNA results, you can even see how your skin condition may be as you age. Emi’s shows hers may be fine but Chad’s shows that he may look older as he ages than his actual age.

Knowing how your skin may change over the years can allow you to take some precautions ahead of time.

For example, let’s say you are like Chad. You just got your results back from your CircleDNA test and you found out you will likely show ageing earlier than you would like. You could take the information and make sure to eat healthily, drink plenty of water, use sunscreen, and follow a strict skincare regimen. If you are not sure what type of regimen to follow, you could ask for some guidance from a dermatologist as each person’s skin is different.

The Couple’s Physical Traits

This category will reveal how much facial and body hair you have. It also can tell information about your body odour such as if it is likely normal or not. It’s common to go nose blind to your own smell. You could think you smell fine but other people can notice. This test can let you know if you should be concerned. Even if your results come back that you do have some body odour issues, you can discuss this with your doctor and see what type of treatment options you may have and determine the cause. Results like this can be important when Emi and Chad think about family planning.

And Their Success Traits

You can even take this DNA test to determine which career would be most ideal for you. Emi shared she had strong results for Entrepreneurship, which is incredibly accurate. 

The 500+ DNA Reports Go On


Above is just a few categories that Emi and Chad wanted to touch base on with their results. The results are super important in Emi and Chad when they try family planning. The DNA test is so in-depth that they wouldn’t be able to do a video that long on all of their results.

You can also get information about your personality or what medications may be more compatible with your body. You can even find out what you may be more allergic too. This DNA test will save you a lot of hassle in the future, especially if you need medication as you will know ahead of time which brand to ask for if you happen to need it.

What Sets CircleDNA Apart?

CircleDNA uses WES technology, which means whole exome sequencing. With WES technique, it makes Circle the most comprehensive DNA test in the world. With 15X more data points than competitors, you can get all the in-depth information you want to know about yourself so you can strive to be the best version of yourself.

Is CircleDNA for Everyone?

CircleDNA tests can provide useful information to anyone. For example, Emi and Chad found out a lot about their traits and more information about their racial background. This can help them know more about their background to learn more about themselves. Not to mention, the health predisposed information is worth the test alone. While the test cannot give specific health information going on now, it can tell you what you are most susceptible to. With a large range of illnesses, cancers, and other conditions, it will be useful to know what you should watch out for. Like Chad mentioned, if someone’s results reveal that they have a high chance of melanoma or another skin cancer, they can get yearly skin checks to make sure they catch anything early on. If something shows up on the health report, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will get the condition, but it’s nice to know what you have the most risk of getting.

Types of DNA Tests

There are four types of CircleDNA tests, which are Vital, Health, Family Planning, and Premium.

Emi and Chad took the Premium DNA test, which has 500+ reports and 20 categories.

The other tests are:

  • Vital DNA test – 125 reports with 16 categories
  • Health DNA test – 115 reports with 4 categories
  • Family Planning DNA test – 163 reports with 1 category

With free shipping and just 2-3 business days for the test to ship from the facility, you can take your test in no time. With just a swab of your cheek, you can gain incredible insights into your health and so much beyond that. When CircleDNA receives your test back, your results will be available 18 business days from that date.

Did you watch Chad and Emi? What did you think of their results if so? Which test do you have your eye on? We are excited to hear. If you are someone who just got your results, let us know in the comments what the biggest shocking piece of info you received and most useful. We can’t wait to hear.

And if you are ready to follow suit and understand your DNA, get hold of CircleDNA today with Emi & Chad’s exclusive 33% Discount promo code “EMICHAD33”.

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