7 Beauty Hacks To Try Before Your Next Special Event

A list of beauty hacks are always good to keep in your back pocket, especially if you want to look especially striking for a special event such as New Year’s Eve, or for a date. Looking our best often translates into feeling our best, and helps ensure us the best possible first impression when we go on a date, or meet new people. There’s something about our put-together look after we take the time to get ready that gives us an extraordinary boost of confidence. Below are 7 beauty hacks you may not have thought of yet, that will definitely level up your beauty game and boost your confidence:

1. Try Self-Tanning

One of the best beauty hacks out there is a sunless tan in the form of a spray tan, airbrush tan or applying self-tanner at home. Self-tanning gives your skin a glowing radiance, while sunless tanner solution also covers skin imperfections and makes your skin look flawless.

In a way, a sunless tan is like makeup for your whole body. It evens out skin texture and blurs imperfections.

Your local tanning salon likely has an airbrush technician or spray tan booth, and if not, your local drug store will have self-tanner. If you opt for drug store self-tanner to do it yourself at home, make sure to also buy an application mitt for an even application. In the winter, it’s best to go for a subtle tan, not a dark or unrealistic looking tan. You should always exfoliate your whole body before a sunless tan, which ties into our next beauty hack.


2. Give Your Skin a Polished Look with a Quality Exfoliant

When you exfoliate your face with a high-quality exfoliating polish, you remove the dull and dry-looking skin on the surface to reveal brighter, smoother and younger-looking skin underneath. A high-quality product such as the Zo Exfoliating Polish will leave your skin smooth and primed for a more even makeup application, and a glow that will last all night.

3. Try Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular beauty hacks because of how much they make your eyes pop. They’ll make your eyelashes fuller, darker and longer so that it’ll always look like you’re wearing eyeliner and mascara – even if you’re not wearing any makeup on your eyes at all. In fact, when you have eyelash extensions, you don’t need to wear any eye makeup.

This is the perfect touch for looking gorgeous for an important event, and having eyelash extensions will actually save you time when you’re getting ready.

4. Give Your Little Black Dress an Advantage

Most women have a fashionable little black dress (an LBD)  that looks fantastic on them, but it’s common to forget how key a pop of color is – no matter what season we’re in. If you end up deciding to wear your perfect LBD to your next special event, give it a few pops of color through fun and trendy accessories.

Try wearing bright pink shoes with your LBD, or a turquoise pendant.

5. Wear Highlighter in the Right Places

Having a high-quality highlighter and applying it to the right places before a special event is a beauty hack many women swear by. Give your skin an added glow, and give your overall look that ‘X factor’ with a shimmery highlighter. Apply it to your collarbone, a dab above your lips, and especially along your cheek bones.


6. De-Bloat With An Epsom Salt Bath

If you feel bloated before a date or event, you won’t feel very confident – especially if you plan on wearing your tight LBD. Take an Epsom Salt bath which will reduce bloating, as it draws out the excess fluids from your body. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone, since a warm bath is relaxing and will therefore eliminate some of that first-date anxiety. This is also a good thing to do to de-stress and bring your heart rate down right after your workout.

If your apartment has a showe but no bathtub, try one of these other tips to reduce bloating before a special event.

7. DIY Hair Mask For Luscious Locks

Some of the best beauty hacks out there have to do with leveling up your hair game. Get healthy-looking hair in time for your winter date night or special event with DIY moisturizing hair-repairing masks at home. Simply mix about ½ cup of honey with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of soft avocado, and massage the concoction into your hair. Honey locks in moisture, and avocado replenishes keratin protein bonds which overexposure to UV rays will diminish. Let this awesome DIY mask sit on your hair for 30 minutes, covered with a plastic bag to lock the moisture in.

Find Out Your Genetic Skin Tendencies to Choose the Right Beauty Hacks

Did you know that a DNA test from CircleDNA includes skin reports that include a skin profile, detailing your genetic skin tendencies? You’ll find out your skin’s genetic strengths and weaknesses with CircleDNA’s skin reports, as well as which skin conditions you might be genetically at risk of developing. This knowledge will help you take better care of your skin and prevent skin health issues, which is one of the best beauty hacks there is. After all, looking and feeling amazing at a special event is easier when you have flawless skin.

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